Productive week

This week has been very productive, yes busy and stressfull too at times, BUT I prefer to put the focus on all the tasks I’ve completed. I am not usually the most organized person, however I’ve come to realize that with age I get better at it. One thing that has been bothering me though is the fact that my camera was neglected once again.
There have been more than one occasions in which I wished I had it with me… especially every time I walked past the park on my way home from university (such a feast of fiery and golden colors). Hopefully this week I will catch up on all of autumn’s goodness, of course I should leave time for my favourite shows as well.
Blogging-wise as you can see I’ve started altering the design of Adventures in Wonderburg again, for some reason I can’t seem to decide on the look, but I believe this one will stick around. I am also trying to organize my archives and categories in a better way, but that needs more time to finish as I am not pro when it comes to HTML/CSS coding. Thus I am super excited to have enrolled to an e-course for blog design created by the lovely girls at A BEAUTIFUL SHOES. Go check their e-courses!! Now I leave you with a small set of warm-lit photos I’ve taken. See you in my next post. xxx


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