I can’t believe it’s September already. Summer has gone by too quickly. Soon it will be cold and gloomy again. Unfortunately the bad weather lasts far too long. Why summers have to be so short??! These few months I haven’t really had the time for any proper holidays. But on the good side, hard work always pays off in the end. ;) Looking forward to some relax time this Autumn. But enough burble. Below I’ve posted lil sneak peeks from what I’ve been up to this summer. There are more to come.

Productive week

This week has been very productive, yes busy and stressfull too at times, BUT I prefer to put the focus on all the tasks I’ve completed. I am not usually the most organized person, however I’ve come to realize that with age I get better at it. One thing that has been bothering me though is the fact that my camera was neglected once again.
There have been more than one occasions in which I wished I had it with me… especially every time I walked past the park on my way home from university (such a feast of fiery and golden colors). Hopefully this week I will catch up on all of autumn’s goodness, of course I should leave time for my favourite shows as well.
Blogging-wise as you can see I’ve started altering the design of Adventures in Wonderburg again, for some reason I can’t seem to decide on the look, but I believe this one will stick around. I am also trying to organize my archives and categories in a better way, but that needs more time to finish as I am not p…
Busy bee, new design and random images
Heiya, lovely readers
September has been really busy over my side of the world. Work, school, birthdays, snapping images and etc. I am extremely thrilled to finally have a bit of free time to spare. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not entirely happy with the design of my blog, thus I’ve taken upon a journey to transform it and make it a bit more … well, ME-like! :) Hopefully that will be a reality within a month the most. Untill then I am leaving you with some of my imagery. I was really pleased to see you liked my previous post with random photos, therefore I decided to keep that tradition in this post as well. Thank you for following and commenting.
Ilsie xo

Across the ocean

Across the ocean
A few old photos taken of friends during my stay in South Carolina. Being slammed with school work, I haven’t gotten the chance to organize any of my new photos or complete any of my draft posts. But keep your eyes peeled good things are coming. Meanwhile have an amazing week and see you in my next post. :-)

Celebrating new look

Welcome to the new and much better look of Adventures in Wonderburg. As I mentioned in my previous post I was not happy with the old design. Firstly because it was a bit chaotic (in my opinion), secondly because it didn’t represent my style well and lastly but not least it lacked a touch of wonder. I find the new look to fulfill all of the criteria mentioned above and beyond. It’s clean, simple and cute, with crispy colors that don’t overdo it! It’s much more ME!! :) With that being said there are still a few bits and bobs that need to be taken care of before the look is complete.

On another note I have so many new ideas concerning posts and the like, but I won’t reveal much until I have put it all in motion. I guess this is it for now!
Thank you for commenting and reading! :-) xxx